Archaeology In the News

Action News Jax - July 18, 2019
"Centuries-old House Plates, Pottery and Colonial Wells Found During Archaeological Dig"

The St. Augustine Record - July 17, 2019
"Centuries-old Ceramics, Other Artifacts Found at St. Augustine Construction Site"

First Coast News - July 12, 2019
"Last Year it was a Demolished Building, this Year it's an Archaeologic Site"

The St. Augustine Record - December 25, 2018
"Andrea White Digs in to New Role as City Archaeologist, Plans Revamp of Department"

First Coast News - June 22, 2018
"More Colonial Burials Found under St. Augustine Street"

Smithsonian - March 6, 2017
"Skeletons Found Under a Florida Wine Shop May be Some of America's First Colonists"

First Coast News - February 11, 2017
"History Unearthed: How Newly Discovered Skeletons May be the First Colonists of St. Augustine"

Action News Jax - February 7, 2017
"Human Remains that Date Back to the 1570s Believed to have been Found in St. Augustine"

Action News Jax - January 19, 2017
"Excavation Now Underway on St. Augustine's Charlotte Street, Reveals Links to Earliest Settlers"

The Florida Times-Union - September 5, 2015
"St. Augustine Archaeologist Digging up Clues to History"

The Florida Times-Union - June 15, 2015
"St. Augustine's City Archaeologist Sees What Lies Beneath"