Pre-Application & Preliminary Design Meetings

Pre-Application Meetings: Development Review Committee (DRC) "Friday Review" 

For projects inside City limits, we strongly recommend you attend a "Friday Review" DRC meeting. This meeting is your opportunity to have a round table discussion with City officials about your conceptual project ideas and questions, before making serious commitments toward the project or business. Administered by the City Planning & Building Department, these meetings include officials from all City permitting divisions:

  • City Attorney
  • City Building Official
  • City Fire Marshal
  • Public Works Development Services Manager
  • Senior Development Review Planner

How do I apply for a DRC "Friday Review" meeting?

Visit this page for Friday Review DRC information and the application form.

Preliminary Design Meetings

After attending a Friday Review meeting, or for projects outside City limits (but inside City utility service area), a preliminary design meeting is strongly encouraged, and may be scheduled by developer’s professional consultant once 30% design plans are in progress. Pre-Design Meetings are administered by the City Public Works Department. The City’s various permitting divisions, such as Environmental Compliance, the Fire Marshal and Planning & Building, will attend pre-design meetings, as appropriate to the specific project.

Why do I need a Pre-Design Meeting?

Our goals with a pre-design meeting are to lay out requirements for a complete application submittal package, and establish a successful path toward permit issuance. Pre-design review will be commensurate with the level of detail provided on your plans. Staff cannot provide engineering services or quality assurance, but we will identify elements of the design that do not meet applicable codes and standards. All design work is ultimately the responsibility of professional consultants hired for the project.

How do I schedule a Pre-Design Meeting?

Simply email us a message with your pre-design meeting request, along with an Adobe PDF file of preliminary design plans, minimum one week in advance of desired meeting date, to Public Works. The Permits Technician will respond, and send out a meeting invitation. During the meeting, City staff will provide a preliminary technical review for discussion.

Pre-Design Contact

Email Public Works Permits Technician, or call 904-209-4375 with questions.