Development Services

An Availability Request Form must be submitted to Public Works to receive utility information, fees, etc. This information will not be provided verbally over the phone or in person. (Submitting a request neither guarantees service nor commits any further action. It is merely an inquiry for any property or project.) Applicants receive an official, written determination for a specific property that states water and/or sewer availability, connection charges, important information, and further instructions.

Utility Service Area

Before requesting availability, please check the map (PDF) to verify that the property is within the City's Utility Service Area or check out the interactive Story Map here to find out whether your property would be serviced by City utilities:

City of St. Augustine Utility Service Look Up Interactive Map

Utility Service Look Up

Hydrant Meter Rental

Construction water can be provided through rental of a hydrant meter. Apply for a hydrant meter in person at the Customer Service Department located at 50 Bridge Street. Email Customer Service or call at 904-825-1037 for more information.

Utility Connections for Commercial, Institutional & Subdivision Projects

Regarding utility connections for commercial, institutional and subdivision projects, City crews typically do not perform this type of work "in-house". For all projects, the City reserves the right to assess the scope in the following terms to determine if City resources will be utilized for the work:

  • Design and permitting
  • Difficulty
  • Equipment

Licensed Contactor

If the developer is responsible for utility work (determined through the Availability Request process), then civil engineering plans, review and approval by Public Works will be required, and a Florida licensed and bonded underground utility contractor must perform the work to City specifications at developer’s cost.

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Email Utility Connections with questions.