Master Plan Update

The first phase of the master plan consisted of a review of available data, including frequent flooding problem areas, and coordination with St. Johns County on ongoing stormwater efforts. Using the most recent topographic information and field survey, tributary areas within the city limits were delineated and the detailed evaluation of three pilot projects was conceptually developed.

A key component of the first phase of the master plan was the review of revenue and expenditures of the stormwater program to ensure that the proposed improvements would be backed by a long-term finance scheme that takes into account routine maintenance as well as capital expenditures.

Impact of a Fee Change

Understanding that the impact of a fee change affects different stakeholders within the community, the city formed an advisory committee representing residential, commercial, industrial, real state and educational institutions. The committee met monthly to learn about the regulatory constraints, ongoing activities and the proposed capital improvement plan presented by CDM Smith, the stormwater consultant who assisted the city in the development of the master plan.