The city is required by its current permit with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to maintain the stormwater system to national standards, which include the construction and maintenance of its infrastructure. The contribution of each resident towards controlling and treating runoff, assists the city to meet its permit goals, therefore the new billing structure includes a potential credit for customers who have stormwater best management practices on their property.

Credit Reduction

If a site was constructed following stormwater guidelines permitted by the city, the St. Johns River Water Management District or the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the customer can apply for a 30% credit reduction. Typical features permitted by these agencies include detention ponds, dry detention ponds, and underground vaults, among others. The permit is based on the premise that the owner is properly maintaining the facility and that it benefits the overall stormwater management by reducing runoff and providing treatment.


Complete and submit a Credit Reduction Application (PDF) to see if you qualify. Responses will be generated within two weeks from the date of inquiry. Please allow time for this process before calling to follow-up once you have applied.