Stormwater Utility Fee

The City of St. Augustine established a stormwater utility in 1993, with the objective of creating a dedicated funding source that would allow development of a long-term plan to reduce flooding and protect the city’s water resources. The revenue from the utility allowed the city to purchase equipment, maintain the system, and implement numerous projects in different parts of the city, including the Palmer culvert, Oviedo outfall, and Maria Sanchez Lake, among numerous roadway and drainage projects. Since 2008 the city has been required to comply with the National Pollution Discharge and Elimination System (NPDES) permit, which requires additional activities to control erosion, runoff quality, education and preventive maintenance.

Updated Program

The city has already implemented the great majority of capital improvement projects identified in the original master plan that was developed in 1993. With the new regulations in place, and upcoming criteria for discharge in waters of the state, it is imperative to look back at the stormwater program and update it to reflect the new permit requirements, as well as the renewed plan to implement long-term projects throughout the city. For this reason, the city updated its stormwater program in 2012, addressing both funding and a 10-year capital improvement plan.