Neighborhood Council

Neighborhood Council of St. Augustine and neighborhood associations St. Augustine has many distinctive neighborhoods each with its own history, charm and style that is reflected in its architecture and character, and many are served by a neighborhood association that acts as both a social and advocate organization for residents.

Since its formation in 2003, the Neighborhood Council of St. Augustine has served as the umbrella organization for the many neighborhood associations that represent these distinctive areas of the city. The Council has as its purpose the promotion, maintenance, and enhancement of the quality, stability, and vitality of the residential neighborhoods of the city.

Council Responsibilities

The Council works to foster cooperation among existing neighborhood associations, encourages the establishment of associations where none exist, and works closely within a cooperative way with government agencies and public and private organizations on behalf of the city’s residents.

The Council also provides valuable participation opportunities for residents by working with city officials to foster grassroots information sharing between the city and its constituencies by organizing meetings and town hall events.


While the council maintains a close working relationship with the City of St. Augustine, it is an independent not-for-profit organization wholly independent of the city. Additionally, each association sets its own boundaries and selects its own leadership.

To learn more about the Neighborhood Council of St. Augustine email the council.

Neighborhood Enhancements

Residents and organizations representing residents of a particular neighborhood, including neighborhood associations, may request funds for a project they wish to undertake as a community project that will improve the quality of life in one or several of the city’s neighborhoods. Enhancements may be structural in nature, such as park benches or informational signage, or landscaping projects, such as shrubbery or trees.

Funds for Enhancements

Projects are required to be on City of St. Augustine public property and capable of being completed before a pre-determined date, usually in September of a calendar year. Total funds available for neighborhood enhancements is $15,000 with no single request to exceed $2,500.

Funds are available as reimbursements only, and only after providing appropriate documentation, including receipts, of expenditures and verification that the project has been completed by the specified deadline each calendar year.


Requests must be submitted on a Neighborhood Enhancement Request Form (PDF) with, as needed, supporting information, to the City Manager’s Office:
City Hall
75 King Street
Elevator A, 4th floor
St. Augustine, FL 32084

Applications may be mailed to:
City of St. Augustine
Attention: City Manager
75 King Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084,
Fax: 904-825-1096
Email the City of St. Augustine

Annually, the requests will be reviewed and determinations made regarding projects to be funded and at what level. For more information, contact the City Manager’s Office at 904-825-1006.

Neighborhood Mobility

For details on current mobility issues and progress, visit our Mobility page.