Board Members

  • Catherine Duncan, Chair
  • Gaere MacDonald, Vice-Chair
  • Jon Benoit
  • Paul Weaver
  • Brad Beach
  • Dr. Barbara Wingo (Alternate)
  • VACANT (Alternate)

More About the Members

Members of the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) are selected through an application process determined by the City Commission based upon requirements set forth in the Code of Ordinances. Preference is given to city residents and non-residents will be considered based upon qualifications. Board members serve 3-year terms and cannot serve more than two consecutive full terms. All members shall have either thorough training and/or experience in:

  • Archaeology
  • Architectural history
  • Art history
  • Historic architecture
  • History
  • Related fields

Apply for the Board

To apply for appointment to serve on this, download the HARB Application for Appointment (PDF). For questions or inquiries, please send an email to HARB.