Industrial Pretreatment

The Industrial Pretreatment Program identifies specific discharge standards and requirements that apply to sources of non-domestic wastewater being discharged to the City of St. Augustine Wastewater Treatment Plant. Depending on the nature of the wastewater, some industries and businesses will require permits issued by the City that have discharge limits and monitoring requirements.

Industrial Pretreatment Discharge Permit

Download and complete the Industrial Pretreatment Program Questionnaire (PDF) and email to the Public Works Department. City staff will review, and if a permit is required, you will be asked to complete the Industrial Pretreatment Permit Application Form (PDF).

Prohibited Discharge Standards

Although not all businesses will require permits, everyone connected to the City’s sewer system must comply with the Prohibited Discharge Standards listed in the City Code of Ordinances and the following Local Discharge Limits:

Daily Maximum in Milligrams per Liter (mg/L)
 Aluminum1,917 mg/L
 Chromium VI 223 mg/L
 Copper 24.7 mg/L
 Cyanide, Total 0.078 mg/L
 Iron 1,134 mg/L
 Mercury 0.07 mg/L
 Oil and Grease 100 mg/L
 Silver 0.90 mg/L
 TKN 9,590 mg/L
 Zinc9.9 mg/L