The City’s stormwater system is designed to drain rainwater from streets and paved surfaces to nearby waterways. When leaves are raked or blown into the street, they clog storm drains and restrict stormwater flow, contributing to street flooding. Leaves and lawn clippings that make their way into local waterways also create a problem by decomposing and releasing excess nutrients that feed algal blooms.

Proper Leaf Disposal Options

  1. Rake and place in bags or containers: Residents can place yard debris at the curb for Wednesday morning pick-up. Bags or containers must not exceed 50 pounds or 32 gallons.
  2. Mow leaves into your lawn: A lawn mower will chop leaves into small pieces that will fall into grass blades and hide from sight. As the leaf fragments decompose, they will provide a natural fertilizer for your lawn.
  3. Add to your compost pile: Leaves are rich in carbon and provide a balance to high-nitrogen (green) ingredients.
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