Training Division

This division is under the command of Division Chief Chris Pacetti who is a certified State of Florida Fire Instructor III and is responsible for providing continuing education to our personnel. This is a vital key to the success, development, and growth of the St. Augustine Fire Department.


The goal of the Training Division is to provide the best possible training for everyone in the department, regardless of rank, so that each person will operate at their maximum performance level. This provides an opportunity to build, shape and nurture current and future officers of the department.


The responsibilities of the Training Division include:

  • Coordinating firefighter Emergency Medical Training (EMT)/Paramedic recertification
  • Coordinating injury prevention and investigation programs
  • Coordinating state level training programs
  • Developing training programs for in to house training by the officers at each station
  • Ensuring that the department is in compliance with all ISO training requirements
  • Maintaining all department training records
  • Providing Fire Officer training
  • Providing training in inspections
  • Testing new fire-fighting equipment and techniques