How can I get information about utility service?
  • Looking to start a utility account where service is already connected? Go here: City Customer Service
  • Are you sure the property is inside the City's Utility Service Area? Use this interactive GIS map to see the service area boundary, and look up specific properties: City of St. Augustine Utility Service Area Look-up Tool. View a County-wide map of all water/sewer utility companies: St. Johns County Utility Service Areas Map (PDF)
  • For new connections, an Availability Request form must be submitted. Utility information will not be given out verbally. (Submitting a Request neither guarantees service nor commits any further action.) Applicants receive an official response with water/sewer availability, connection charges, important information, and further instructions to proceed, if desired.
  • Allow 3 business days, to 2 weeks, to receive a response, depending on workload, complexity of the request, and research. City staff make every effort to assemble thorough and accurate information. We ask that you allow time for this important process.
  • If your availability request is a true unanticipated emergency (for example, your well has run dry), clearly state "Emergency" in your application and provide explanation. In these cases, we do our best to rush the response and connection (following fee payment by customer); however, certain regulations (such as utility locates and permits) must still be followed, which may take time beyond our control.
  • There is no charge for Availability Requests, and there is no limit on the number of Requests or properties for which a customer may inquire.
  • Submit your Request well in advance of when you may expect to need utility service. Some connections take several months to complete.
  • If the property has a well or septic tank, even if operating properly, it is recommended that you submit a Request to be better prepared. In the event that the well or septic tank fails or needs repair/replacement, and if water/sewer are available, then connection would be required by State law.
  • Connection charges are not the same for all properties; fees can vary greatly. Therefore, request utility availability for each property separately. Do not assume that fees for one property are similar to another. View the City's Water and Sewer Fee Schedule (PDF).
  • Availability of water and sewer for one property may not be the same for an adjacent or nearby parcel. Do not make assumptions. Regulations the City is required to follow have changed in recent years; the City may not be able to install utilities in the same way as in prior years.
  • Availability responses and (unpaid) fee quotes expire and become void at the end of each City fiscal year (September 30th). When this occurs, a new availability request would be required in order to provide current, updated availability and fees for a specific property.
  • Attach any additional information to the Request to provide more detail. More information is always better than less!
  • Preliminary Availability responses will be provided if all necessary information is not ready (for example, commercial and subdivision projects). These preliminary responses give the customer an idea of what to expect. A Final Availability response will be provided once enough details are confirmed (for example, after construction plans are approved by the City).
  • When warranted, utility maps and as-built records will be included in the City's Availability response.
  • Also, refer to Site Design & Construction FAQ's for more information related to commercial projects.
  • Please email the City with any questions.

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