Tree Canopy Enhancement Program

Homeowners within city limits can apply to have a tree planted in the right-of-way in front of their home (if space allows), or on private property.  Follow these steps to request your free tree:  

1.  Check eligibility

To apply for a free tree:

  • You must be the property owner
  • The property must be residential and located within city limits.  Check your property here 
  • The desired tree location must be either within the right-of-way adjacent to your property, or on your private property 

2.  Complete the online application

Click here to complete the application form. Eight tree species are available to choose from, ranging from large canopy to small canopy options.  Applications will be accepted between June 1 and August 31, or until quantity limits are met.    

3.  Site assessment

Once your application has been submitted, City staff will contact you to schedule a site visit to determine if the desired tree fits the available space.  If your preferred tree type cannot be planted, an alternate option will be suggested.  Site assessments will be conducted during the months of June – August during normal business hours.  

4.  Final application review/selection

In September, City staff will complete a final review of applications and select those approved for planting.  The number of trees planted is based on available budget.  Approved applicants will be required to complete a temporary tree planting access agreement allowing the tree to be planted on private property and relieving the City of any maintenance or liability.  

5.  Trees are planted

Approved trees will be planted during the months of November – February.

 6.  Water and care for your new tree

It is your responsibility to water and care for your new tree.  If the tree dies due to lack of proper watering or care, it will not be replaced.  Enjoy your new tree and watch it grow!    

Questions?   Send an email