Historic Property Markers

With funds provided by a Florida Division of Historical Resources grant (awarded in the fall of 2015), plaques were installed on over 30 historic properties throughout downtown St. Augustine. Selected from the list of buildings already posted on wayfinding directory signs, locations include original colonial buildings and properties that are individually listed on the National Register.

The Impetus for the Markers

The impetus for the markers was to connect the building listed on the directory sign with the site and to provide an authentic historic interpretation of the property. Participating properties worked with Historic Preservation staff to review the text and installation locations. The state grant provided over $28,000 for the markers which required no matching funds from the City.

Digital QR Reference Code

Another aspect of the project was the addition of a digital (QR) reference code. A corresponding website was then created with a map that provided pinpoints of nearby historic buildings and the corresponding historic structure forms on file with the Florida Master Site File. Note: The website is currently not available.

Who Was Chosen

Darrel Galles was selected by the City to design, fabricate, and install the markers. The City is grateful to Darrel’s team as well as the participating property owners and contributors to the project’s completion.

Pena-Peck House
Judy Riggle Poses with Marker Installer Darrel Galles and Historic Preservation Officer Jenny Wolfe