Glass Recycling Program

The City of St. Augustine Solid Waste Division is excited to announce the launch of its drop-off glass recycling program! City crews have completed the necessary preparations and installed specially designed blue dumpsters, equipped with locking lids and glass bottle/jar friendly openings.

The community is invited to participate in this program by dropping off their glass recycling at the following three designated locations: Downtown Lincolnville at 501 Riberia St., North City at 323 San Marco Ave., and Anastasia Island at 143 Red Cox Dr..

“We appreciate the patience of our residents who have eagerly awaited this moment and look forward to their participation in this new program,” said Olivia Smith, Solid Waste Manager. “I also want to recognize the exceptional efforts of our team for the installation and launch of these dumpsters. Together, we can make a significant impact on reducing landfill waste and protecting our environment.”

Acceptable glass items for recycling under this program include: packaging food, beverages, hot sauces, spices, syrups, baby foods, perfume bottles, cosmetic jars, and mason jars. It is important to remove any metal or plastic lids and caps before recycling, and remember to rinse containers.

The following glass items are not recyclable and should not be placed in the designated blue glass dumpsters: dishware, crystal and stemware, drinkware, figurines made of glass, ceramic, or porcelain, automotive windows and mirrors, picture frames, tabletops, mirrors, computer monitors and screens of any type, magnifying glasses, eyewear, marbles, and light bulbs. CLICK HERE for a printable flyer of what can / cannot be recycled.