Wherever possible, public procurement encourages a competitive solicitation process. Ethical requirements, coupled with the need to maximize the City’s use of public funds, dictate the use of a competitive bid system. City policy and Florida Statutes Chapter 287 require fair and open competition be the basis of all public procurement. The creation of competition increases the probability of the City receiving an accurate and fair price, while reducing the appearance and opportunity of favoritism, thus inspiring public confidence.

Procurement Policies and Procedures Handbook (Revised 2023-07-26)

Request for the Purchase of Materials

Any request for the purchase of materials, equipment, supplies or services is subject to bid. The following criteria is normally used to make this determination:

  • Direct purchases are allowed up to $5,000.00 with supervisor approval.
  • Written quotations are required on purchases totaling $5,001.00 to $49,999.99.
  • Formal, written and sealed bids may be required on purchases totaling $50,000.00 or more.

Sealed Bids

Sealed bids are to be received in the General Services Department at 75 King Street, 4th Floor, Lobby D in St. Augustine, FL,  at the designated date and time set forth in the bid invitation. All formal, sealed, competitive bids are opened publicly and evaluated by staff members involved in the use of the materials on bid, as well as the Director of General Services. 

All departments are asked to give careful consideration to prices, quality of materials services, the responsibility of bidders, and other factors consistent with good procurement practices when developing their recommendations.

Insurance Requirements 10-1-22


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