Commercial Dockage Inquiry

A customer wishing to obtain a Commercial Slip at the marina must first complete a Commercial Space Request Form (PDF). Upon completion of the form, the Harbormaster will review the form for the following:

  • Slip availability for the size of the vessel on the south dock. Commercial Operations shall operate from the south dock only. (Unless directed otherwise)
  • The proposed commercial operation shall not overlap any existing commercial operation. For example, we would not permit another Scenic Cruise because there is an existing Scenic Cruise already operating from the marina.
  • Harbormaster shall review the application to determine if the proposed operation would pose any safety concerns or cause any unnecessary disruption to the marina business operations and existing marina customers.
  • The commercial operation should complement the existing business atmosphere and character of the marina and city.

Final Determination

Based upon the type of business other criteria may be necessary when making the final determination of a commercial application. Upon reviewing the criteria listed in the application and consideration of the elements listed, the Harbormaster will submit a recommendation to either support or deny the application to the Director of General Services. The Director of General Services will review and provide the final direction.

If the requestor disagrees with the decision of the Director of General Services they may appeal to the City Manager or his designee. Disapproval of a commercial space request does not prohibit the proposed operator from operating at any other marina.