Traffic Stop

Why were you stopped? What should you do? And what will the police officer do?

These are some of the questions the St. Augustine Police Department would like to answer and share with you, in the event you get pulled over by the police.

Justification for Police Action

A police officer only needs reasonable suspicion to stop and question a motorist. In an effort to make it a safe stop for everyone involved, we are asking for your cooperation during the stop.

If the officer suspects you have done something wrong, if you appear to fit the suspect description, or if you have broken a law or committed a crime, the officer has justification.

Right to Not Answer Questions

If the police officer has determined that there are reasonable grounds to act, he/she is legally justified and should investigate further. You have the right to choose not to answer any questions. However, you should be aware that your guilt or innocence is not decided at this point.

Weapon Frisking

If a police officer suspects you are armed, he/she is allowed to frisk you for any weapons. This is a routine procedure to ensure the safety of everyone.


Your cooperation and honesty can greatly reduce the time the officer needs to complete the questioning and the stop.

Move Over: It's the Law

If you are not the subject of a traffic stop but see an emergency unit with their overhead lights on, it is a state law that you move over (Move Over Act) if traffic permits you to. Failure to do so may warrant a traffic stop and a citation.