Code Enforcement

The Building and Code Enforcement division and inspection staff consist of the Building Official, Code Enforcement Officers, Building Inspector, and administrative support who regularly monitor the building and commercial activity throughout the city.

Building Department Responsibilities

The Building Department is responsible for the issuance of building permits, conducting construction plan reviews, and performing inspections of all construction within the St. Augustine city limits. All applications and plans are reviewed to ensure that they comply with the adopted Florida Building Codes, the American with Disabilities Act standards for accessibility, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency standards for flooding. 

All construction is required to pass inspections during different phases of the project to verify the contractor is complying with these codes and standards. Once the construction has passed the final inspection, the Building Department will issue a Certificate of Occupancy.

Code Enforcement Division Responsibilities

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for investigating code violations, addressing public nuisance complaints, and reviewing applications for tree removal. Download the Citizen Complaint Form (PDF) to file a complaint. The enforcement of the code is the responsibility of the Code Enforcement, Adjustments and Appeals Board. 

What Defines a Violation or Nuisance

  • A violation is an act or instance of violating the City of St. Augustine Municipal Code and a failure to do what is required or expected by law, rule, or agreement.
  • A nuisance is defined as a condition that interferes with the reasonable enjoyment of life and property and/or presents a condition detrimental to health, safety, and welfare of the public. Examples of such are:
    • Abandoned Vehicles
    • Excessive Accumulation of Trash or Debris
    • Excessive Noise
    • Overgrown Weeds and Grass
    • Raw Sewage
    • Trash Dumping

Tree Removal

For information on tree removal and replacement, visit the Trees in St. Augustine page or refer to City Code, Chapter 25, Section 25-56, and City Ordinance 2009-17, and City Ordinance 2015-09.