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Planning & Building

  1. Building Inspection Scheduler

    Schedule an inspection for an active building permit.

  2. Early Power Form

    Application to receive early power

  3. Re-worked Plans Building Permit Application

    Re-submission of items for a building permit application. To be used prior to the issuance of a permit.

  4. Sub-Contractor Sign Off Application

    Application for a trade sub-contractor to sign off on a building permit

  5. Timeframe Waiver Form for New Single Family Residential Dwellings

    This form is to request a waiver to the timeframe requirements for a new single family residential dwelling.

  1. Building Permit Application
  2. Revision Building Permit Application

    Application for a revision to an active building permit.

  3. Sign Permit Application

    Application for sign permits. Please note that sign permits can only be issued when the signage locations matches that of the active... More…

  4. Temporary Sign Permit Application

    Application for temporary signage.

  5. Tree Removal Permit Application

    Application to be able to remove a tree.