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City Clerk

  1. Poet Laureate Application

    Apply to serve as a volunteer Poet Laureate for the City of St. Augustine

  1. Proclamation/Certificate Request

Fire Department

  1. Event Request - St. Augustine Fire Department

    To schedule a station tour, fire safety inspection, or other event, please submit an event request form and someone from the department... More…

Municipal Marina

  1. Municipal Marina Reservation Form

    Submit a request for a transient reservation.

Planning & Building

  1. Building Application Permit
  2. Early Power Form

    Application to receive early power

  3. Sub-Contractor Sign Off Application

    Application for a trade sub-contractor to sign off on a building permit

  4. Timeframe Waiver Form for New Single Family Residential Dwellings

    This form is to request a waiver to the timeframe requirements for a new single family residential dwelling.

  1. Building Inspections
  2. Sign Permit Application

    Application for sign permits. Please note that sign permits can only be issued when the signage locations matches that of the active... More…

  3. Temporary Sign Permit Application

    Application for temporary signage.

  4. Tree Removal Application

Police Department

  1. Bicycle Registration

    Register your bicycle with the St. Augustine Police Department! Should you have your bike stolen, we will be able to better assist you... More…

  2. Guardian Awareness Program

    The St. Augustine Police Department is committed to our partnership with the community and the Guardian is another program to help... More…

  1. Business Index Registration

Public Works

  1. Report Flooding

    If you have photos of the flooding, please attach them. Your information will be submitted to the Public Works Department. If you have... More…

  2. Right-of-Way Use Permit
  1. Request for Statement of Availability

    This form is for new Water/Sewer Connections, or to request a Change-of-Use for an existing building, Addition, Alteration or Service... More…

  2. Work Request Form

Report Graffiti

  1. Report Graffiti

    If you have photos of the graffiti, please attach them. Your information will be submitted to General Services Facilities Operations... More…


  1. St. Augustine Back Bay CSRM NEPA Scoping Comments

    Submit public comments on the City of St. Augustine Coastal Storm Risk Management Study, which is a three-year federal feasibility... More…

Short Term Rentals

  1. Inspection Request - Short Term Rentals

    To schedule a Life Safety Inspection and Zoning verification for your Short Term Rental registration process, please submit an... More…