How old is the original seawall?

The seawall’s 140-year history begins north of the current section being improved, the year after the completion of the Castillo de San Marcos—1696—when the Spanish began construction of a masonry seawall south from the fort to the Plaza de la Constitucion. The section of the seawall currently under construction and rehabilitation was built in the 1830s and 1840s by graduates from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point to what is today the Florida National Guard headquarters.

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1. How is the Seawall project being funded?
2. How much will be Seawall project cost?
3. How long will it take to complete?
4. Why is the seawall project needed?
5. Why is another wall being built out in the water?
6. Is the current construction taking place the only option that was considered?
7. Who is involved in the Seawall project?
8. Where can I find information on the various studies completed before the project began?
9. How old is the original seawall?