Why move the fire station?

FDOT needs the land where Fire Station #2 sits for critical intersection improvements at A1A/Red Cox Rd. This intersection is the site of multiple pedestrian and vehicular fatalities and accidents.

The service area for the new station encompasses Anastasia Island between the Bridge of Lions and the SR 312 corridor and responds to nearly 1,300 calls annually.

The proposed site centrally positions the station for that service area and is only a half mile from the original location.

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1. Why move the fire station?
2. Will the new station only serve the City of St. Augustine?
3. How long with this take?
4. Is there opportunity for community input?
5. What other properties were considered?
6. Are there other safety concerns that should be considered?
7. Are there environmental and/or quality of life concerns that are being addressed?
8. Where can I find a printable version of this information?