Where did this all come from, why is the city addressing this now?

The Historic Preservation Master Plan was adopted in 2018 by the City Commission through a lengthy public process and subsequently adopted in part to the Historic Preservation Element of the Comprehensive Plan which was also a lengthy public process.  The community commented on the significance of the historic neighborhoods and wanted to see them preserved.  This proposed change is one piece of that list of specific tasks related to the minimizing demolition of historic buildings and providing clear guidance to applicants of the review process.  Designated historic properties and contributing properties to a district are eligible for tax benefits.  If the building or district is no longer historic this incentive would not be available to current and future property owners across the city.  Also, a 2020 economic study in Resilient Heritage in the Nation’s Oldest City found that heritage tourism is driven largely by the volume of historic resources.  A reduction of 10% of historic buildings in the city results in a 2% loss of visitor parties, and a reduction of 50% of historic buildings in the city results in 34% loss of visitor parties.  The quality of life for residents and visitors alike would be negatively impacted without the community’s commitment to historic preservation.

For more information, visit the Historic Preservation Updates page.

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1. Will my property be affected?
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11. Where did this all come from, why is the city addressing this now?
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