Does this mean approval is required for any type of change?

No. The following types of activities are either exempted or not applicable to the proposed new partial demolition and design review policy:

  • Landscaping materials or other yard elements 
  • Sidewalks and driveways
  • Fences
  • Pools
  • Paint color
  • Adding screening or other porch enclosures when the historic porch will remain intact
  • Alterations to detached accessory structures (garage, mechanical, or storage structures)
  • Installation or removal of any utility or mechanical systems
  • Repair of damaged building elements with the same character of design even if using the same material is not available or feasible 
  • Removal of porches, foundations, and chimneys required for a flood mitigation project if they will be replaced in similar character
  • Removal of non-historic elements (ex: a building feature that is not 50-years old or older)
  • Any new construction not associated with demolition work on a historic building
  • Constructing any accessibility features when not associated with the full demolition of a historic building
  • Construction or partial demolition on properties in undesignated areas such as West Augustine, Lighthouse Park, and Davis Shores unless locally landmarked or listed individually in the National Register

For more information, visit the Historic Preservation Updates page.

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