Will my property be affected?

Affected properties are those within the city limits that are listed as a local landmark, contributing to a National Register district, or individually listed in the National Register (about 1,659 buildings). The largest concentration of these buildings are in the following National Register Historic Districts: Abbott Tract, Lincolnville, Nelmar Terrace, Fullerwood Park, St. Augustine Town Plan, Model Land, and North City.  There are only 3 local landmarks and there are over 20 individual buildings listed in the National Register (ex: Cathedral Basilica).  Click here to view an interactive map where you can zoom in to see addresses or even type in your own address.

Buildings in the local historic preservation zoning districts (HP-1, HP-2, HP-3, HP-4, and HP-5) as well as those along Anastasia Boulevard, King Street, and San Marco Avenue are subject to distinct regulations within the Architectural Guidelines for Historic Preservation and Design Standards for Entry Corridors.

For more information, visit the Historic Preservation Updates page.

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1. Will my property be affected?
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