Where is the project?

The project occurs at 13 lift stations and one force main.  The locations are as follows:

  • Lift stations 4, 5, and 6 are along southbound Philips Highway (US-1) near the intersections with Garnett Avenue (LS 4) in the north, Hope Street (LS 5) in the center, and Orange Street (LS 6) in the south.
  • Lift station 7 is at the east end of Helen Street.
  • Lift stations 10, 11, and 12 are along Riberia Street.  Beginning at the Police Station parking lot (LS 12) and continuing south at Bridge Street (LS 10) to South Street (LS 11).
  • Lift station 21 is at the east end of Ocean Avenue north of the Mission de Nombre de Dios.    
  • Lift station 22 is at the east end of Joiner Street. 
  • Lift stations 23 and 24 are in the Historic District.  Lift station 23 is at the east end of the Plaza de la Constitutión underneath Charlotte Street.  Lift station 24 is at the intersection of the sea wall, Avenida Menendez, and Saint Francis Street. 
  • Lift stations 50 and 52 are on Anastasia Island.  Lift station 50 is at the intersections of Arredondo, Minorca, and Montano Avenues.  Lift station 52 is along Coquina Avenue between Arricola Avenue and South Matanzas Boulevard. 
  • The force main starts at lift station 51 at the intersection of Arredondo and Arricola Avenues; follows Arricola Avenue south to Coquina Avenue; and turns north along Coquina Avenue to lift station 52. 

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3. Where is the project?