What is the Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force?

Per the St. Johns County website: In the spring of 1998, the Florida Department of Community Affairs initiated a program to assist local government in developing plans to reduce or eliminate risks to people and property from natural and man-made hazards known as the Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS). The primary objective of the Local Mitigation Strategy is to remove, if possible, or otherwise to limit the losses of life and property due to a disaster. In August of 1998 a St. Johns County LMS Taskforce was organized from a broad cross-section of the County including elected officials, County Staff, representatives from the cities of St. Augustine, Hastings, and St. Augustine Beach, Flagler Estates Road and Water District, Florida Department of Health – St. Johns, Florida Forest Service and Flagler Hospital alongside local businesses and residents. The LMS Taskforce, led by the St. Johns County Division of Emergency Management, has been responsible for developing all work products for the Local Mitigation Strategy including the development of a set of guiding principles, identification of potential hazards affecting the community; identification of people and infrastructure which are vulnerable to hazards; identification of critical facilities which are necessary for maintaining health, safety and welfare of residents before, during, and after a catastrophic event; and the development of a prioritized list of pre and post hazard mitigation initiatives (projects) eligible for funding. The Local Mitigation Strategy is intended to provide one unified program for St. Johns County and its incorporated municipalities.

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5. What is the Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force?