Is there a problem with emergency vehicle access?

St. Augustine Fire Department and the St. Johns County Rescue agree that residential streets, like the ones in Nelmar, are not used to bypass traffic. And they have well-tested procedures for emergencies when there is traffic congestion on the bridge itself, including medical evacuation. In the event access were needed to the neighborhood, emergency vehicles will simply drive over the posts, a feature their design allows.

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1. What was the issue?
2. How was it confirmed that there was a problem?
3. Was any action taken prior to the delineator posts?
4. Is there a problem with emergency vehicle access?
5. Is it legal to limit access to City streets?
6. How much time did cutting through Nelmar save?
7. But didn't the cars cutting through help those in line move faster?
8. Why not wait until the San Marco / May Street project is completed?
9. What about the illegal left turns at Magnolia?
10. Did the limited access solve the problem for Nelmar?