How long does it take to get a Right-of-Way License Agreement?

After you apply for the Right-of-Way Permit (with License Agreement for non-standard materials in the right-of-way), the City will route for staff review, then create the license document specific to your property and project, and send to you with instructions. The application fee is $145 for the Right-of-Way Permit plus $250 for the License Agreement, for a total of $395. (The City covers recording fees for the agreement.)


The Public Works Director reviews these applications. Allow minimum one week for this process and to receive the license agreement document. Once we receive the original signed agreement back from you, it will be placed on the next available City Commission meeting agenda at that time (the deadline is 13 days prior to a Commission meeting). 

Items needed for review are:

  • $395 payment
  • Completed application form
  • Photos or images of the non-standard materials
  • Sketch with dimensions clearly depicting the proposed improvements

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