Resilience is integrated throughout the city's comprehensive plan, specifically the Infrastructure Element that includes the Perils of Flood and Sea Level Rise and the Conservation and Land Management section, which covers the Perils of Flood and Sustainability. 

Excerpt from the Comprehensive Plan 2040: Conservation and Coastal Management Element Goals, Objectives and Policies-Perils of Flood and Sea Level Rise:

CCM Policy 2.16.2 

City of St. Augustine Conservation and Coastal Management Element Adopted Goals, Objectives and Policies July 2020 Ord #2019-49 unless otherwise indicated CCM: 34 Strategies and engineering solutions the City will utilize for preparing for sea-level rise, such as include but are not limited to increasing road surface elevation standards, subsurface stabilization, stormwater management and drainage, and adjustment of bridge heights to allow for navigation when funds are available to the City for such activities. 

Adaptation strategies shall apply to the following: 

  • a. Public infrastructure planning, siting, construction, replacement, operation, and maintenance; 
  • b. Emergency management;
  • c. Stormwater management; 
  • d. Land development regulations; 
  • e. Building codes; 
  • f. Comprehensive planning; 
  • g. Other functions. 

Excerpt from the Comprehensive Plan 2040: Infrastructure Element Goals, Objectives and Policies- Perils of Flood and Sustainability:

INFRA Objective 6.1 
The city must coordinate with local, state, and federal agencies related to addressing the potential impacts of sea level rise. 

INFRA Policy 6.1.1 
It is recommended that the city continue to pursue funding support from the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE) for the Back Bay Feasibility Study. 

INFRA Policy 6.1.2 
It is recommended that the City continue to pursue cost-share funding to protect the Wastewater Treatment Plant during tropical events in excess of the 1% or 100-year annual chance event.

INFRA Objective 6.2 
The city must establish feasible parameters that address the impacts of sea level rise.

INFRA Policy 6.2.1
It is recommended that protection for nuisance flooding be for current conditions plus 1.5 feet of sea level rise.