Task Force to Review Aggregation Ordinance

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The next meeting of the Aggregation Ordinance Task Force:

  • 3 p.m.
  • Wednesday, January 14
  • City Hall
    75 King Street
    Alcazar Conference Room
    St. Augustine, FL 32085


See the members of the Aggregation Ordinance Task Force on the Aggregation Ordinance Task Force page.


Last July, City Commissioner Don Crichlow proposed an ordinance that would aggregate, or combine, non-conforming lots in two residential, single-family zoning districts, namely RS-1 and RS-2.

Non-Conforming Lots

A non-conforming lot is simply a lot with a size that is less than what would be permitted under today's zoning laws. In Zone RS-1, a non-conforming lot is one that is less than 75 feet wide or less than 10,890 square feet in area. In Zone RS-2, a non-conforming lot is one that is less than 50 feet wide or less than 5,450 square feet in area.

Under the proposed ordinance, if two or more non-conforming lots that are adjacent to each other are under the same ownership, those lots would be aggregated, or combined, to comply with current zoning requirements and treated as a single lot for development purposes.

Based on a survey by the Planning and Building Department, 95% of the lots in the city's RS-1 district are non-conforming and over 60% of those in RS-2 are non-conforming.

Task Force Creation

Following a lengthy discussion which included public input at its September 2 meeting, the Planning and Zoning Board (PZB) asked the Commission to appoint a task force to review the ordinance. The task force, as defined by the PZB, would be comprised of six members including:

  • An affected property owner
  • An attorney familiar with zoning laws
  • A city commissioner
  • A member from the PZB
  • A non-affected property owner
  • A representative from the Realtors Association

Read more about the proposed ordinance.