Residential Parking Resolutions

The following are significant excerpts from Resolution Number 2005-21 Section 24-91.


Resident means anyone residing within the City limits for any portion of the year that can provide a current driver's license or valid identification, a current motor vehicle registration and two of the following proofs of residency:

  • Current lease for their residentially utilized property within the City limits
  • Proof of ownership of their residentially utilized property ownership within the City limits
  • A utility bill for their residentially utilized property within the City limits
  • Voter registration demonstrating their residency within the City limits

Section 24-93. Issuance of Permits; Placement of Signs

(d) The application for a permit shall contain the name of the owner or operator of the motor vehicle, residential address, phone number, make and model of the motor vehicle, a copy of his driver's license, and a photo static copy of the vehicle registration. If the applicant is a lessee, a copy of a current valid lease or a utility bill showing proof of residency shall also be made part of the application. The permittee shall apply in person for the initial permit and shall present all required documentation. Personal appearance shall be required for permit renewals. Renewal of a permit shall be annually in accordance with the conditions and procedures as specified by the city manager or his designee and approved by the city commission.

Section 24-94. Parking in Residential Permit Areas

(a) A residential parking permit shall not guarantee or reserve to the holder a parking space within the designated parking area.

(b) A residential parking permit shall not authorize the holder of the permit to park in spaces or areas designated by law as restricted or prohibited parking (loading zones, fire hydrants, disabled, or other such regulated areas), nor shall it exempt him from the observance of any traffic regulations, other than parking time limits.

(c) Time limits for parking in each residential permit area shall be posted in plain view and shall be strictly enforced.

Section 24-95. Enforcement

Vehicles found within a residential permit area during the time limits posted without a valid permit for that area:

(1) Shall be issued a uniform parking citation pursuant to this article; and

(2) May be towed pursuant to this article.