Report a Traffic Crash

You have the option of filing a traffic crash report online for crashes involving minor damage and no injuries. After obtaining the information needed for the report to include driver information, vehicle information, and insurance identification, please follow the below instructions to ensure your report is completed correctly:

  1. Log onto Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.
  2. Click on the Florida Highway Patrol selection.
  3. Click on the Traffic Crash Reports in the red banner.
  4. Scroll down until you reach Driver Report of a Traffic Crash.
  5. Click on the online request for a traffic report and follow the directions for completion of the report.
  6. Upon completion of the online reporting of the traffic crash, an incident number will be generated automatically. Be sure you write down this number.

Ineligible Crashes

The following types of crashes are not eligible for online reporting and require an officer to respond and complete an investigation:

  • Crashes involving any City, County, State, or Federally owned vehicle
  • Crashes involving commercial vehicles, including crashes on private property
  • Driver Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Damage to City of St. Augustine Vehicle
  • Fatality
  • Hit and run to attended vehicle or property
  • Hit and run to unattended vehicle or property when there are investigative leads (i.e. tag number, the vehicle in custody, known driver.
  • Visible injury or a claimed injury that requires immediate medical assistance

In these cases please call the St. Augustine Police Department for further investigation by an officer. If you have any questions please call the St. Augustine Police Department at 904-825-1070.