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Proposal includes relocation and preservation of house at 91 Coquina Ave.

Exterior view of Meldrim Cottage, 91 Coquina AvenueOn Monday, August 12, the City Commission meeting will include a recommendation by city staff that the proposal for the relocation and preservation of the Meldrim Cottage submitted by the Florida Agricultural Museum be accepted.

The 1940s era cottage at 91 Coquina Ave. is located on property acquired by the city earlier this year to use as a public park. While the cottage does not fit into the city’s vision for the park, there was a strong desire by the commission to find a way to save it by donating it to a responsible party that would relocate and preserve it.

After a call for proposals, three were received, two from private individuals and the third from the Florida Agriculture Museum located in Flagler County. After a thorough review by a team of staff members, the recommendation was unanimous in support of the museum’s proposal noting that the museum has the experienced staff and resources available to relocate and preserve the building.

In its proposal, the museum plans to restore what is considered a fine example of a Florida ranch style house and use it as a focal point of a new turpentine and forestry exhibit, considered a “natural fit” recognizing the history of the Meldrim Cottage. Additionally, under the museum’s ownership, the public would have access to the cottage and its history.

The city has asked that the cottage by moved from the property by the end of September.  Additional information about the property is available here.