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Process is critical to infrastructure maintenance

Smoke Testing illustrationStarting on Monday, June 3, and continuing through Friday, June 7, the city’s Public Works Department will smoke test the sanitary sewer collection system in several areas in the city. The smoke test is performed periodically in order to identify sources of storm water runoff or ground water intrusion entering the city’s sewage collection system.

Properties in the affected areas are being notified with door hangers (see map illustrations below). To learn more about the process and importance of smoke test, read our previous story here.

For more information, contact the city’s Public Works Department at 904.825.1040.

San Marco to US1 and Grove Ave. to Old Mission

W. Jayce Way to San Sebastian River;
Crookshank Dr. to Railroad tracks N. of W. King St.


Sevilla St. to San Sebastian River:
La Quinta Pl. to Valencia St.


N. of Anastasia Blvd : Oglethorpe to Anastasia Blvd. and
Arredondo Ave. to E. bank of Davis Shores subdivision (Salt Run)
S. of Anastasia Blvd.: Anastasia Blvd. to Dolphin Dr. and
Arredondo Ave. to Matanzas River