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Public input questionnaire available through May 17

As part of a long-term sustainability goal, the City of St. Augustine Public Works Department is considering adding an organic materials collection to the services offered through its Solid Waste Division, which currently includes trash, recycling, and yard waste.

As a first step to determine the community’s interest and willingness to participate in such a program, the Solid Waste Division is asking the community to complete a brief online questionnaire

Organic materials collection could include curbside pick-up or drop-off locations throughout the city of food waste which would then be diverted from a landfill into a composting program. This material would be sent to a special processing site that would convert the material into nutrient rich compost.

image of green recycle bin and pile of yard debrisThe primary compostable material is vegetable scraps.  Meat, seafood, dairy and oils are not typically composted.  The organic waste would be collected and mixed with residential yard debris, which includes leaves and grass clippings.

The questions in the survey will help the city gain a sense of the volume of organic materials that may qualify for residential collection, how residents currently dispose of organic waste, which areas of the city show the most interest in such a program, and how residents feel about the use of a third cart for the collection of compostable material.

Take the brief online survey here. The questionnaire will be available through Friday, May 17.

For more information, call the city’s Solid Waste Division at 904.825.1049.