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Community input and feedback is critical to effective changes and updates

In February, the City of St. Augustine kicked off a series of community meetings as a critical component of a nearly year-long process of reviewing and updating the city’s Comprehensive Plan, a requirement that comes up every seven years. The community meetings have been held at locations throughout the city to encourage greater participation and provide convenience of access for attendees.

Now, in order to ensure the public has the opportunity to document their input and feedback, an online feedback form is available, until May 31.

The information presented at the workshops has generated much discussion among attendees and the dialogue is proving to be constructive and insightful. Topics of discussion have included current assumptions, local issues, and positive things about St. Augustine, while some of the common areas of concern include maintaining a sense of place, recognizing pressures on all areas of the city, and balancing quality of life and tourism and development.

The purpose of a comprehensive plan is to set forth goals, objectives and policies which guide long term planning and ultimately physical development of the city, while simultaneously protecting natural and cultural resources. In the current plan, Comprehensive Plan 2030, there are ten elements: Future Land Use, Transportation, Housing, Infrastructure, Conservation and Coastal Management, Recreation and Open Space, Intergovernmental Coordination, Capital Improvements, Historic Preservation, and Public Schools Facilities.

With the review and update of Comp Plan 2040: Mapping Our Future, there will be an additional component added to Infrastructure, Transportation, and Conservation and Coastal Management which include Water Supply Work Plan, Mobility Plan, and Perils of Flood, respectively.  The Water Supply Work Plan will address water conservation and alternative water source efforts, the Mobility Plan will address issues such as parking, traffic patterns, and alternative modes of transportation, while Perils of Flood will address issues such as sea level rise, sustainability, and resiliency.

For a complete list of all scheduled meetings, view the web page story at or download it here. Take the survey here.

For more information or to have any questions addressed, contact the Amy Skinner, Planning & Building Deputy Director at 904.209-4320.