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Service is free and available to property owners and tenants

The City of St. Augustine’s Planning and Building Department offers free inspections of homes and apartments at the request of either the property owner or the tenant.

These inspections are not of the type ordered when a prospective real estate buyer wants a thorough inspection of the property. Rather, the inspections provided by the city are usually requested when one has a concern regarding the safety or viability of some aspect of the home or apartment. While most landlords or managers will be responsive when a tenant alerts them to a problem, sometimes an inspection of the type offered by the city simply helps to define the problem.

For instance, if a renter questions the safety of residence’s electrical service or the functionality of the plumbing, an inspection may be requested and a time scheduled to visit the property for an overview of the items in question. If the inspection confirms a problem, the inspector will advise the resident to seek a professional contractor, electrician or plumber depending on the problem.

To request an inspection of a residence, contact the Planning and Building Department during regular business hours at 904.209.4329.