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Sneak preview #3 now available online

image of SneakPreview #3 coverChief Carlos Aviles and the St. Augustine Fire Department are excited to announce the 2018/2019 edition of St. Augustine City Fire magazine. The publication presents the department a unique opportunity to share with the people of St. Augustine the wide array of services it delivers to the community on a daily basis.

While the print edition will not be available until April 2019, three sneak previews will be showcased online between November and January.

The St. Augustine community knows its fire department is responsible for not only firefighting but also courageous rescue efforts in many different circumstances, including medical traumas and hazmat emergencies, but the magazine will also share many behind-the-scenes services provided by the department.

Chief Aviles is eager for the community to get a more personal look at the firefighters, and perhaps learn the name of a firefighter that may have helped them in the past.

image of SAFD Sneak Preview Cover“Our department is filled with men and women, your St. Augustine friends and neighbors, who are dedicated to the safety and security of our community,” said Chief Aviles. “We work and train hard every day to ensure a high quality product, and we pride ourselves on serving the community and providing excellent customer service. While no one hopes that they will need our services, it is a powerful feeling when someone is instantly relieved to see our units arrive at their home.”

The services delivered by the St. Augustine Fire Department is second to none. As members of a caring community, these firefighters know the importance of their role and they train rigorously to deliver the best possible service whether fighting fires or teaching CPR. In the three sneak previews and complete magazine the community will learn about the all services and the depth of training including how the firefighters train to carry 55 pounds of gear in every emergency, along with hoses, stretchers, as well as their live fire, hazmat, and rope rescue training.

image of SAFD Magazine Cover“I think the community will be pleased with the information in the sneak previews and the complete magazine, from firefighting techniques and fire prevention education to a day in the life of a firefighter. The magazine is filled to overflowing with everything you need to know about the St. Augustine City Fire Department,” said Aviles, adding, “I couldn’t be more proud to serve alongside such an amazing team of dedicated individuals every day!”

To know when the online sneak previews, the online magazine and the print magazine are available, follow the St. Augustine Fire Department on Facebook at or visit the magazine's website here.