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Not all parking lots with city meters are city property

image of Western Auto parking lotAnother city-managed parking lot will move to private management on October 1 when the lot on Charlotte St., between Treasury St. and Hypolita St., is no longer under the control of the city’s Parking Division. The lot, commonly known as the Western Auto lot, is privately owned and while it may remain a parking location, the city will no longer enforce parking regulations there.

Some assume that if a lot has city parking meters or pay stations it must be a city-owned lot which is not always the case. For many years the city has entered into agreements with owners of parking lots to handle enforcement in exchange for half of the revenue. That is currently the case with the National Park Service (NPS) and its parking lot at the Castillo National Monument. The property belongs to the NPS, but the city enforces the parking and the two split the revenue.

The drawback is that a property owner at any time may decide to withdraw from the agreement and manage the lot themselves keeping all the revenue. Such was the case last February when Grace United Methodist Church took its lot at the corner of Cordova St. and Carrera St. out of the city’s shared system and now manages it themselves.

With the change in management of the lot on Charlotte St., there remains only two lots managed by but not owned by the city: the NPS lot and the Baas lot located on the corner of Granada St. and Cedar St.. The Baas lot, which will become privately managed sometime after the first of the year, is named after the taxi company that occupied the last building on that site. Similarly, the Western Auto Lot is so named because the Western Auto Store that once fronted St. George St. had a rear entrance from that lot.

For more information contact the Parking Division at 904.825.1090.