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Sightseeing vehicles and horse drawn carriages to return

With the completion of the demolition of the commercial building at 9 Avilés St., that street reopened today to vehicular traffic, including sightseeing vehicles and horse drawn carriages.

Avilés St. was closed to vehicular traffic on July 4, after the city was notified of concerns for the building’s stability. Pedestrian access was maintained and area businesses remained open even though the street was closed to vehicles for the last four weeks until the demolition project was complete.

The removal of the building began on Monday, July 23, with a permit from the city that required the work be completed by 5:00pm on Wednesday, August 1, a deadline which was met early by the contractors. The site of the former commercial building will be fenced off until construction of a new building begins.

Originally the building’s owner, Red Moon Properties, LLC, planned to remove only the roof of the building in order to stabilized and remodel the structure, but upon further investigations it was determined that the building was unsalvageable and needed to be completely removed.

Throughout the project city officials from the Public Works and Planning and Building Departments met regularly with merchants and property owners in the area to keep them fully apprised of the project. Once the fate of the building was determined, the property owner, area businesses and the city moved in a coordinated manner to complete the project as quickly and with as little disruption as possible. One goal was to have Avilés St. reopened in time for First Friday, an event held throughout the city on the first Friday of each month and of particular importance to Avilés St. businesses.

For more information contact the City Manager’s Office at 904.825.1006.