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With some repairs complete, facility gradually returning to normal operations

photo of South DockThe south dock of the St. Augustine Municipal Marina reopened recently following the completion of an extensive rebuilding and repair project. Much of the dock was destroyed by Hurricane Irma in September of last year.

The south dock is home for five commercial tenants of the marina and a number of law enforcement and public safety vessels including those from the St. Augustine Police Department, St. Augustine Fire Department, St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Hurricane Irma’s damage came on the heels of the major repairs of the marina’s breakwater dock due to damage from Hurricane Matthew. Commercial tenants of the marina relocated to other areas of the marina while the south dock was repaired. At the beginning of this week those vessels returned to the south dock freeing up the other areas for large yachts and pleasure craft of all sizes. Now repairs can begin on the marina’s central transient dock.  Once completed, the marina will return to 100% operational status.

photo of power pedestalRepairs to the south dock included the installation of all new utilities including potable water and upgraded electrical service.  The new power pedestals installed at each slip are manufactured with updated electrical code standards, which increase the sensitivity of the shore power breakers. Unfortunately for some boat owners, this has led to incompatibility issues between their boat’s wiring systems and the new electrical standards.  There is no specific culprit to where these “shorts” in the system are occurring, but a few places to start investigating include but may not be limited to: inverters, household appliances, generator transfer switches, and corroded electrical connections. 

“With so many marinas undergoing repairs and rebuilding of docks in the aftermath of last year’s hurricanes, these new power pedestals will undoubtedly be more common,” observes Sam Adukiewicz, St. Augustine Municipal Marina Harbormaster.  “We are advising boaters to investigate their electrical systems before they embark on any major transit to avoid potential problems when they arrive at their various destinations, including St. Augustine.”  For comprehensive information about the new shore power code requirements, read “No Shore Thing, an in-depth article from Power & Motoryacht Magazine

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