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Saturday and Sunday project halt will allow increased access to the street

image: Aviles Street Open for BusinessBusinesses along Avilés St. will get a break from noise of heavy machinery this weekend while the crews working on the demolition project at 9 Avilés St. take the weekend off before returning to work at 7:00am on Monday morning.

Even though the street is still closed to vehicular traffic, it remains open to pedestrians as it has since the project began last Monday morning.

Taking advantage of the pause in the demolition project, many of the restaurants, galleries, museums, and shops along the street are expanding their space into the street with tables and chairs, offering some European flair on the street.

The demolition project will be “buttoned-up” for the weekend in such a way as to allow not only greater ease for pedestrians along Avilés St. but will also reopen the adjacent Artillery Ln. so pedestrian access to the restaurants and galleries on Charlotte St. will be possible. 

When the city issued a right-of-way permit at the start of the project, the contractor was allowed to work through the weekend so as to complete the project by the end of the day on Wednesday, August 1. But, expressing concern for the safety of his crews after a week of 10-hour days, the demolition contractor will halt work for Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, protective fencing and equipment will be positioned so as to increase access to the street for businesses in the area during what is traditionally one of the city’s busiest times of the year.

Any request by the contractor to extend the demolition project beyond August 1 will have to be made to the city’s Department of Public Works by the end of business on Monday, July 30.

Avilés St. was closed to vehicular traffic on July 4 after the city was notified of concerns for the stability of the building at 9 Avilés St. and concerns for public safety. City officials have remained on site since the commencement of the project and continue to meet with merchants and property owners in the area to keep them fully apprised of the project.

For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 904.825.1040.