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Survey conducted over five weeks and drew 123 participants

During its January 25 meeting, the Lincolnville Community Redevelopment Area Steering Committee (LCRA) voted to recommend a permanent pedestrian sidewalk along the north side of South St., running the full length from Riberia St. to Maria Sanchez Lake. 

A temporary pedestrian lane to delineate vehicular and pedestrian traffic with striping along South St. was installed in early November of last year for a 60-day trial period. After the trial period, the LCRA conducted a four-week public survey to collect data and opinions on the effectiveness and functionality of the lane.

After much discussion and additional public input at its January meeting, the committee unanimously voted to recommend installation of a curbed sidewalk within the existing roadbed in place of the striped temporary lane.  The sidewalk should follow a straight line except to wrap around the existing trees with an alternative surface to minimize impact on the trees.  The committee opted for a straight sidewalk which was viewed as more in keeping with the neighborhood versus a curving or meandering sidewalk that seemed more suburban in nature.

South St. is a primary route for vehicles traveling between Riberia St. and Marine St., and pedestrians find themselves forced to use the roadway while drivers must exercise extra caution and keep an eye out for pedestrians. The temporary lane clearly demonstrated the need for a permanent sidewalk.

The survey drew 123 respondents over a five week period which concluded on January 21. Here are the results of the survey’s 10 questions. (Note: November 8, 2017 is the installation date of the temporary pedestrian lane.)

  1. Are you a Lincolnville resident or property owner?
    • Yes - 60.16%
    • No - 39.84%
  2. Since November 8, 2017, have you driven a car on South St?
    • Yes - 88.71%
    • No - 11.29%
  3. Since November 8, 2017, have you walked or ridden a bicycle on South St?
    • Yes - 80.49%
    • No - 19.51%
  4. Since November 8, 2017, have you noticed a change in vehicular traffic/behavior along South St.?
    • Yes - 57.72%
    • No - 42.28%
  5. Would you say that traffic behavior has improved, worsened, or stayed the same since since November 8, 2017?
    • Improved - 42.28%
    • Worsened - 17.07%
    • Stayed the same - 40.65%
  6. Do you feel walking or biking since the multi-use path was installed makes South St. more dangerous?
    • Yes - 24.59%
    • No - 75.41%
  7. If the multi-use pathway remains, should it be delineated by stripe or with a fixed curb?
    • Delineated stripe - 39.02%
    • Fixed curb - 60.98%
  8. Would you prefer a sidewalk over the multi-use pathway?
    • Sidewalk - 56.91%
    • Multi-use pathway - 43.09%
  9. Do you feel this is an improvement to the safety of residents in Lincolnville?
    • Yes - 70.49%
    • No - 29-51%
  10. Do you believe the multi-use pathway is a benefit to South St.?
    • Yes - 69.11%
    • No - 30.89%

With this recommendation the city will proceed with design, bidding, and construction of the permanent sidewalk later this spring.  For additional information, email Amy Skinner or Reuben Franklin, or call the Planning and Building Department at 904.825.1065.