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Public input is needed and additional questions are answered

In order to effectively construct and enact new ordinances related to panhandling, the city must demonstrate why such ordinances are needed, and in doing so, requires a public record of fact.  The City of St. Augustine is seeking the assistance of the public to build that record, whether through photographs, reports of incidents, or personal accounts of encounters, any interaction, whether positive or negative, is helpful to the city in documenting the effect panhandlers have on the community.

Members of the public may submit their documentation in several ways, all possible from the web:

Fillable form: Click here to link to an online form and submit your record directly from the web. If the information you have includes photographs, you can include them directly in this form.

Print, scan and email: Click here to open a form that may be completed online, printed or saved, then emailed as an attachment along with any related photographs to

Print and mail: Click here to print the form, and then after being completed, mail with copies of related photographs to:

Panhandling Documentation
c/o City Attorney’s Office
City of St. Augustine
P. O. Box 210
St. Augustine, FL  32085-210.

In addition, the city developed A dozen FAQs regarding homelessness and panhandling in St. Augustine following the December 5 and December 6 community question and answer sessions with City Manager John Regan and Police Chief Barry Fox. 

Now, as additional questions have arose, a second series of Frequently Asked Questions has been compiled and is also available on the panhandling pages: