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Florida Inland Navigation District grants funding request

12.15.17 FIND

Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND) granted funding to the City of St. Augustine for repairs to the Lighthouse boat ramp pier as well as for the St. Augustine Municipal Marina.  The amounts requested and granted were $625,000 for damages to the marina docks resulting this year from Hurricane Irma, and $99,177 for repairs at the Lighthouse boat ramp pier, due to damage resulting from Hurricane Matthew in 2016.  (pictured, L to R: City Manager John Regan, City Commissioner Leanna Freeman, General Services Director Jim Piggott)

“We are excited to have the support for two city assets which we value and which provide great public access to our waterways”, said City Commissioner Leanna Freeman.  Along with General Services Director and FIND liaison, Jim Piggott and City Manager John Regan, Commissioner Freeman offered closing remarks Friday morning in Daytona Beach, FL, when the funding was awarded at the monthly FIND meeting.

City Manager John Regan said, “I’m so proud of the work of our staff and the team effort of our elected official. People should understand that there is limited emergency funding available, and we are fortunate to receive this money”.  Commissioner Freeman added, “We also want to thank our FIND Commissioner Carl Blow who gave us great support during the application process.”

While these funds represent 25% of damage repair costs, the city also will be seeking the remaining 75% of reimbursement through FEMA. The total cost estimate to repair the Lighthouse Boat Ramp is $396,710.  The total cost estimate to repair the St. Augustine Municipal Marina docks is $2.5 million.