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KingTideAdvisory1Seasonal “king tides” have recently impacted our community.  These above average tides cause road flooding in low-lying areas.Last month, the seasonal king tides coupled with nor’easter conditions, worsened localized road flooding.

The next projected seasonal king tide event will begin Friday, November 10 and continue through the weekend.  Although the extreme high tides occur most often on dates near a full moon, this weekend's tides are exepected to be affected more by the weather, namely nor'easter conditions.  With wind speeds predicted to range between 10-15 mph or higher, coinciding with high tides, road flooding can worsen.  We encourage residents to use caution and be sensible if you encounter flood waters.  Click to view the King Tide Advisory flyer.

CityInstall1 - CopyThe City is currently working on a “tide check valve” project that will minimize the extent of this seasonal flooding.  These “tide check valves” or “backflow preventer valves” are designed to prevent tide water from entering the stormwater system and creating road flooding conditions.

The current project (located in Davis Shores) received cost share funding from the St. Johns River Water Management District, beginning October 1, 2017.  The City has already ordered the first set of valves and the stormwater crew will be installing these as they arrive.  Based on the current project schedule, the City will have all of the Davis Shores outfalls (a total of 21) installed with these tide check valves by the end of January.  As of October 30, the City has installed 6 valves.

How the City Prepares

Other proactive measures that the City is undertaking to address these seasonal events, includes:

  • Prior to the king tides, conduct routine cleaning and inspection of the storm drains and catch basins, to prevent blockages to facilitate drainage and minimize water accumulation.
  • During the king tides, City staff monitor the City’s stormwater management system (inlets, basins, pipes) to identify any flooded areas and initiate maintenance work (such as cleaning clogged drains etc.) that can help facilitate drainage during the falling tide
  • Post event, perform any maintenance to unclog drains and inlets to re-establish drainage

Safety Tips for You

  • Do not walk through flood waters as it can be dangerous and a health hazard.
  • Do not drive through flooded areas, turn around and find another way. It can be unsafe to drive through flooded areas.
  • Driving through flooded waters can create waves, causing additional damage to surrounding landscape and property.
  • Be careful around manhole covers, as they can become dislodged by the high tides.
  • Please report flooding and clogged storm drains to the Public Works Department at (904) 825-1040.
  • The City is currently working on a “tide check valve” project that will minimize the extent of this seasonal flooding.
Check back on the website for updates and information resources about the valve replacement project as it progresses.  If you have questions, please contact Public Works at 904-825-1040.