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City’s fiscal year began on October 1

With the start of the new fiscal year on October 1, the City of St. Augustine is now operating under its new budget which includes several fee increases.

Parking rates increase except for ParkNow card users

Parking in the Historic Downtown Parking Facility (HDPF) and in city managed lots and on-street metered spaces will increase, but rates for ParkNow card users will remain the same.

Starting today, Monday, October 2, rates for the HDPF will increase from $12 to $15 per vehicle, per entry. 

Then, next week on Tuesday, October 10, rates for on-street spaces and metered lots will increase from $1.50 per hour to $2.50 per hour. Note that since October 9 is a national holiday, Columbus Day, parking is free except in the HDPF.

Rates for those using the ParkNow card are not being increased, but will remain at their current rates of $3 per vehicle, per entry at the HDPF and $.50 per hour for on-street metered spaces and city managed parking lots.

Water rate increase is part of five year plan

Starting with the fiscal year 2015-2016, the city implemented a five year utility rate restructuring that would help support capital improvement programs and operations aimed at ensuring water service and quality while at the same time encouraging water conservation.

When developing the rate structure, which automatically adjusts each fiscal year, the city had four goals:

  • Reduction of base rates - pay for what you use
  • Long-term plan to fund operations and capital programs
  • Encouraging water conservation - those who conserve and use less will pay less
  • Reducing the outside-city surcharge 1% per year so as to reduce the rate from 25% to 20% over the 5-year period.

To learn more information and to see the brochure outlining specifics of the rate adjustments that was mailed to all utility customers earlier this year, click here.

Call the Customer Service office with questions at 904.825.1037, and choose Option 2 to speak with a representative.

Solid Waste and fire assessment increases start in November

If approved by the City Commission at its October 9 meeting, fees for solid waste will increase, but not until the November billing cycle. The current rate for solid waste and recycling collection is $16.61 monthly per residential household. Starting with the November billing cycle, that rate will increase to $17.44 monthly.

Also, the fire assessment fee, which was approved as part of the new budget, will increase for both commercial and residential properties. Calculated by a property’s square footage, the rate for residential properties will increase from $.041 per square foot to $.04932, and for commercial properties from $.0747 to $.09 per square foot

The fire assessment fee will be noticed to property owners on their November tax bill from the St. Johns County Tax Collector’s office.

Planning and Building Department fees

The Planning and Building Department adjusted a wide range of fees, most for the first time since 1996. Changes include fees associated with applications regarding planning activities such as rezoning, zoning variances or exceptions, site plan reviews, and those related to the work of the Historic Architectural Review Board including certificates of appropriateness or demolition, preliminary design approval, design standards for entry corridors.

Additionally, the cost of permits related to signs or tree removals have also increased and costs incurred by the Planning and Building Department when required to post legal notices will now be included with the applicant’s fees.

For information related to any specific fees, contact the Planning and Building Department at 904.824.1065.