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In times of emergencies, get your information close to home

Even though it is too early to determine what if any impact Hurricane Irma will have on northeast Florida, the City of St. Augustine today began its standard storm preparations.

The city’s emergency operations are coordinated from the main fire station by Fire Chief Carlos Aviles who, as the city’s Emergency Operations Coordinator, maintains close contact with the St. Johns County Emergency Operations Center which coordinates efforts countywide and hand-in-hand with the State of Florida.

Each department within the city has a preparedness plan designed to meet that department’s needs in close coordination with all others. Chief Aviles met today with departmental directors to review their emergency preparations, and even though it is too early to determine what impact the storm may have on St. Augustine, there is one consistent message: get prepared, follow procedures, and don’t be complacent.

Residents and business owners are urged to review their own emergency plans as they continue to monitor weather information including viewing the information available from the St. Johns County Department of Emergency Management’s Emergency Operations Center (SJC-EOC) web site at The SJC-EOC may be contacted at 904.824.5550.

While it is often easy to get caught-up in the national news, or even regional media, in times of emergencies, get your information close to home.

Information specific to St. Augustine and St. Johns County is most readily available from these local sources:

City of St. Augustine

St. Johns County Emergency Management

St. Johns County Fire Rescue

St. Johns County Sheriff

National Hurricane Center

National Weather Service - Jacksonville